[vimeo 11288540 w=500 h=375] With everyone freaking out about Google’s new privacy policy, I wonder if everyone will take Eleanor Waldorf’s lead and start using Bing? It’s doubtful since Bing pilfers through your Facebook data in ways that would make Google+ blush. The only search engine that seems to beContinue Reading

Those of us who love 30 Rock can’t believe the low ratings that it and its other critically acclaimed NBC Thursday night shows pull. Everyone we know watches, and everyone relates to Liz Lemon. What we forget is that we’re not everyone. It’s probably even a good thing that weContinue Reading

“I love Current TV.” This was a phrase I said a ton from about 2006 to very recently. When the network abandoned their heavy focus on user created content a few years ago, it began to consistently fall further and further down my list of most-viewed TV. I still tunedContinue Reading

Moosh will be missed most of all. In a horrible twist of fate, a mere 4 days after I say “Weeds isn’t that bad—it deserves one last season”, I get this horrible news. The thing that sucks the most about shows being canceled and not “ending” is that I firmlyContinue Reading

So, the internet is for porn. Apparently, according to certain cable companies, the Super Bowl is also for porn! Yeah, apparently after one big score, the viewing audience was treated to another. Links and more info after the jump.Continue ReadingContinue Reading