Recently, I had the opportunity to sit down for a long fireside chat* with one of my favorite co-hosts for one of my favorite queer x-men/comics-centric culture podcast. That co-host is Brett Mannes, and that podcast is Comic Book Queers: Legacy! Brett was a brilliant pleasure to talk to, andContinue Reading

Astonishing X-Men #13 Cover

Matthew Rosenberg has announced on Twitter that he will take over Astonishing X-Men from writer Charles Soule beginning with issue #13. The Xavier/Shadow King story will be wrapping up and an all-new (all-different?) direction for the book will debut. But Charles finishes his story in issue #12. In issue #13 myselfContinue Reading

“The Demon Bear Saga” was an amazing and terrifying tale the cemented The New Mutants as an X-Men and Comics classic. Word broke last year that the upcoming New Mutants movie was going to center around aspects of that tale, and everyone was shook. We got a bit of aContinue Reading