[Terrible] Ideas for the Weekend:

  • Let’s watch all of fun.’s covers on Youtube.
  • Let’s all go out with bartenders who call everyone “honey,” and “love.”
  • Let’s go shopping for our friend’s wedding gift, even though she didn’t invite us to her shower last weekend. That’s not rude, right? Right!
  • Let’s drive around Sandy Springs looking for a bar that a guy I know works at. No, I don’t know the name. I’m just hoping that I’ll find it, walk in, and the rest will fall (rise) into place (“place”).
  • Let’s pretend that wasn’t a repeat of #2.
  • Let’s stare at our bank accounts until our eyes hurt while saying, “Why don’t I have more money? How can I get more money?” and crying. The crying will make our eyes hurt worse, though, so just be aware of that.
  • Let’s go to anthropologie.com and pick out cute dresses to buy for when said bartender finally asks you out/friend’s wedding/bartender accompanies you to friend’s wedding.
  • Let’s pretend that’s not related to why you don’t have more money saved.
  • Let’s sit in traffic!
  • Let’s find out what’s new with those Kardashians!
  • Let’s look for apartments and/or houses and be sad when we realize that it’ll take almost 1 1/2 paychecks to cover our share of the rent.
  • Let’s eat all the ice cream. (Not terrible. We really should do that one.)

Oh, shoot, it’s Father’s Day this weekend, so we can’t do any of that. Next time, for sure, okay? Great, I’ll call you.

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