The following is a guest post by Frank Bello. Read more about Frank on his blog. This post originally appeared after the 3rd season of Community. But, now that it’s on Netflix and Hulu, it’s time for a binge and a few drinks while we get over this surge in COVID-19 cases.

As you might have heard Sony (not NBC, NBC doesn’t own the show*) fired Dan Harmon off Community, which means the end of Community as we know it and probably the start of some half-assed 9th Season of Scrubs-like fourth season at worst, and a “Eh, it’s enjoyable to hang out with these people, I guess, but remember the first three seasons, man?” fourth season. So, you’re probably rewatching the series, like I am, and pouring one out for the fallen leader. So, here’s the rules (shots can be fingers of your drink, also):

COMMUNITY — “Contemporary American Poultry” Episode 123 — Pictured: (l-r) Donald Glover as Troy, Gillian Jacobs as Britta, Alison Brie as Annie, Yvette Nicole Brown as Shirley, Danny Pudi as Abed — Photo by: Harper Smith/NBC
  • Jeff Winger speech- If it fails, take a shot. If it succeeds, two shots/half your drink.
  • Abed says “Cool/Cool. Cool cool cool.” or Abed refers to life being like a TV show-take a shot.
  • Britta is the worst- take a shot. If someone outside the group calls Britta the worst, take two shots.
  • Annie gasps in shock or Awwws something- take a shot. Two shots if it’s in conjunction with Shirley doing the same thing.
  • Shirley uses her sexy voice/mentions Jesus- take a shot. If both, take two shots.
  • Pierce comically misses the point- take a shot.**
  • Donald Glover one liner or Troy mishears/mispronounces a word- take a shot.
  • Dean in a costume- take a shot. (Don’t start with “Paradigms of Human Memory”)
  • 1st season only: Chang abuses his teaching powers, take a shot. 2nd and 3rd season: Chang uses his name as a pun, take a shot. Anyone else uses Chang’s name as a pun, two shots.
  • You spot a movie reference/TV Trope before it’s said by name- two shots. After it’s said- one shot.
  • Shipping moments: Trobed, Jean, Anbed, Jetta, Brinnie, Abetta, Jennie, Broy- one shot. Jerley, Cherly, Shierce, Channie’s Boobs- 2 shots. Aang (either Abed/Chang or Annie/Chang)-3 shots.

*Although NBC wasn’t really all that worked up about it, with Bob Greenblatt saying, “[S]hows lose showrunners all the time.” It’s not their fault that Dan Harmon was fired, but it’s kind of their fault that they didn’t renew the show with a clause that he’d still be on as show-runner (because why renew it in the first place anyway?).

**I guess you could also add “Pierce says something racist/homophobic” but hey, it’s your liver.

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