You know, I wasn’t expecting much at all from this album. It’s a drag album. It’s a folk album. Ends up, it’s a pretty great album as well.

While it is billed as folk, it’s incredibly twangy and reminds me of the country music of my youth. “Break Your Heart” (video above) is the first single and it’s quite country-fried while remaining a bit of an ear-worm.

Speaking of breaking hearts, though, “Little Sister” hit me right up in the feels when I listened to it. In fact, many of the songs are tinged with deep emotions that expose the inner feeling of someone who is basically a clown hiding under a mask of severe contouring. The juxtaposition adds to the album, but it isn’t necessary to enjoy it.

I definitely endorse everyone trying it out on your streaming service of choice. And, throw some money his way if you feel like it.

Grab a copy of Two Birds on Amazon.


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