Never one to disappoint the gay fans that give him all their money for fleeting glances of his bulge on OnlyFans, former Teen Wolf heartthrob pushed the envelope almost open as we shared with you earlier (with gifs). It seems he has also been pushing himself forward on a wild ride of self-discovery.

Off the Wagon

The Maid in Manhattan actor made waves last year when he announced he was sober but has since opened up about breaking his impressive five-month-long streak of staying sober. He says that he has found balance with the substances he chooses to use. We have to take his word on that and hope for the best.

“I felt like since I was about 14 years old, I’ve stunted my mental growth from just not dealing with anything and dealing with it with weed or drugs or booze,” said the Now Apocalypse star on Tuesday’s Just for Variety podcast episode. “The time that I was sober, I felt like it kick-started me growing up and sped up the process of me growing up and dealing with the stuff that I haven’t been dealing with forever.”

“I was full-on sober for about five months and just really trying to take care of myself and was meditating every day and praying, not to anything religious, just a higher power and just feeling like something bigger than me in the world.”

Tyler Posey

Out of the Closet

Anyone who has followed the Truth or Dare star closely since his launch on OnlyFans know that he is open and honest with his horny, horny fans. What’s the first thing his largely gay male audience wanted to know? They wanted to know if he had ever hooked up with other guys. In what Posey now describes as “just a split-second decision,” he answered in the affirmative and blew out little gay minds.

He’s now a bit more eloquent on the issue and labels him self as “sexually fluid.” That would land him somewhere on the Kinsey Scale between “hetero-flexible” and “pan-sexual.”

“I did this live on OnlyFans and they were asking me stuff that horny people would ask you: ‘Have you been with a man? Have you been with the opposite sex? What was it like?’ And I was just being honest about it because no one’s ever asked me before.”

Tyler Posey

Publicity Stunt?

Meanwhile, Posey has dropped his new single “Shut Up” featuring Phem and Travis Barker, leading us to believe that he’s just capitalizing on having been the number one leaked celebrity jack off video on PornHub to try and push off his pivot into music.

Unfortunately for Tyler Posey, we aren’t as easily shocked anymore in the years since Paris Hilton and Kim Kardashian. We are much more positive on nudity and most of us have become supporters of sex work–although we still need progress on decriminalization in many states.

Honestly, though we can only be happy for the man. He’s been back on the radar due to his new single, and, if you want to see a recap of his stream from 9 March where he pushed the envelope almost-all-the-way open, check out our very NSFW article on that here.

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