Photo by Emily Hunt dreamsmachines: Help us send a message to President Adams that we are not okay with the destruction of UGA’s historic campus. The University’s plans to demolish historic Rutherford Hall are indicative of larger issues facing our school. The administration has shirked its responsibilities as stewards ofContinue Reading

The wonderful Memory Tapes put together a playlist for Alarm that’s pretty great in concept and execution. It features “Angst In My Pants,” so what’s not to love? Songs to Drink and Resent People ToContinue Reading

I’m linking to the last part (4 of 4) because it has links to the previous 3 parts in the opening paragraph. If you wanted to know what goes into writing an episode of Community or what is is dealing with network execs, I suggest reading this series of interviews.Continue Reading

Moosh will be missed most of all. In a horrible twist of fate, a mere 4 days after I say “Weeds isn’t that bad—it deserves one last season”, I get this horrible news. The thing that sucks the most about shows being canceled and not “ending” is that I firmlyContinue Reading

Former Godfather’s Pizza CEO Herman Cain announced that he will run for president in 2012 at Centennial Olympic Park in Atlanta on Saturday. You know—because, having the top entry on your resumé the successful operation of a pizza chain I’ve never heard of makes you a viable candidate. Let usContinue Reading