Virb is dead. Long live Virb! The social networking site that I fell in love with way back when is official closing—kind of. It’s no longer going to be a sexy alternative to MySpace. It’s no longer going to be a decent alternative to Tumblr and Posterous. Instead of being a mish-mash of not-so-complete social networking functions (including a short-lived alternative), Virb will crack it’s cocoon in July and emerge as a Square Space competitor?

Details are a bit sparse right now, but that is exactly how it seems. Except, I don’t see any mention of a native blogging feature. So, it’s going to be an easy way to make/maintain staticy web pages? Yeah, the themes they’ve been spotlighting are quite sexy. And they seem to be internally excited about what they’re making. I can’t help but feel, however, that Virb could have built up into a great community for artists.

The new site looks like a fantastic tool to create a resume or portfolio site. But, it’s not going to be free anymore. And, they aren’t offering an easy way to save any content from the old service. Apparently there will be some tight integration with Tumblr, but I’m not sure why Virb is going to be better than Tumblr + Premium Theme + Tumblr’s Pages Feature.

I want them to prove my hesitations wrong.

(via PATH)

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