She does something vaguely regarding the law for a living. But, we’re here to talk with her because of her unfiltered political beliefs and her part as one-third of the longest-running, weekly, episodic, wrestling review show. Smart Wrestling Fan.


Pale Panda: If you were to describe your personality as an order from room service what would it be?

Amy Bernardino: Many hotels seem to be getting out of the room service business these days, which is unfortunate since room service is my favorite thing on the planet.Prior to this new and stupid phenomenon, I would say that my room service personality was grilled cheese with a side of fries – simple and approachable, yet willing to burn you without warning. But now I would have to say that my room service personality is me crying into the phone begging for someone to bring me food.

P: What is your earliest political memory?

A: My first political memory was in the mid-80s when Walter Mondale ran for President with Geraldine Ferraro as his Vice President. I remember being confused as to why a female VP was such a big deal – didn’t we already have a ton of them? SAFE PREVIEWPlease view the page after logging out for accurate rendering.EXIT SAFE PREVIEW

P: You have been the co-host of a podcast about pro wrestling for a while now. When did you become a fan of wrestling and what do you like about it?


A: I grew up with older twin brothers who were into pro wrestling. My dad used to take us to events at the Cow Palace. I remember seeing Hogan, Macho Man, and Hacksaw Jim Duggan, among others. I also remember being irritated with my parents for not letting me call Mean Gene for the low low price of $1.99 a minute. Why wouldn’t they let me live my best life?

I enjoy wrestling for the pure nonsense of it. The ridiculous costumes; the wrestlers with special powers; friends turning on one another, then trusting one another again, and then turning once again; the wrestlers who seem to settle their personal business only on live shows and not during the week between shows – all of this takes me out of reality just enough to forget the nonsense going on in my own life.Storytelling, too, is another big draw for me. The Kenny Omega/Kota Ibushi/Young Bucks/Cody storylines currently going on in New Japan have me captivated. I actually shed tears watching the Kenny/Kota reunion. They sold their emotions so expertly and their injuries so convincingly, it was like watching cinema.SAFE PREVIEWPlease view the page after logging out for accurate rendering.EXIT SAFE PREVIEW

P: Female wrestling gets a bad rap from a lot of women who say the women’s’ matches are just there for eye candy. How do you feel about that?

A: My opinion here has to be limited to the WWE since that’s where I personally see the most women’s wrestling. I think “eye candy” as the prevailing opinion of women’s wrestling went away when the WWE got rid of the “diva” moniker. There is currently a good variety of women wrestling – each with their own aesthetic and wrestling style.Sure, there will always be fans who objectify the women wrestlers and chant crude things during their matches, but I think the decent human beings are finally starting to outweigh the Neanderthals. And if there are still women who think it’s nothing but eye candy, well, they must not be watching it then.


P: How vital is it to teach the next generation to be politically active? Or, better yet, are they teaching us a few things?

A: I think it’s crucial that the next generation is taught to be politically active and to do that effectively, they have to see us be politically active. They have to learn not to accept the status quo. The need to understand that if something isn’t sitting right with them, they have a voice. They need not only to vote, but to attend rallies, to picket, to boycott, to be a campaign volunteer, and to run for office. We need to stoke their passion. And they need to see us passionate about something.SAFE PREVIEWPlease view the page after logging out for accurate rendering.EXIT SAFE PREVIEW

P: If you were to put money on it, how much longer do you think Trump has in office?

A: Sadly, I think Trump will carry out his full term. If we were going to impeach him, I think we would have done it by now. However, I don’t think he stands a chance at being reelected in 2020.


P: You also co-host a non-wrestling podcast about politics, motherhood, and crafts(?). What was the inspiration for this show, and with Poddy McPodcastface on hiatus right now, are there any new episodes in the pipeline?

A: The inspiration for the show was the (then) new and budding friendship with my cohost, Bonald. It was a social experiment that documented two people getting to know one another, and it was a lot of fun. Unfortunately, our hiatus is indefinite. We just can’t seem to find the time to get together and record. One day, when our lives are less insane, we’ll pick it back up.

What is your favorite thing, place, or person you go to for inspiration?

“I draw inspiration from a number of sources depending on the topic. Sometimes I seek it out, but more often I just run into inspiration naturally. It just depends on my frame of mind.”

Amy Bernardino

P: Since there hasn’t been a recent episode, how is using your special notebook to keep organized going? Would you recommend it to others?

A: My Bullet Journal and I are living a fantastically organized and color-coded life. It houses everything I need to remember to do, from basic calendar stuff to movies I want to see and books I want to read. It’s much more comprehensive than a traditional day planner because it’s not defined by pre-populated calendar pages.It’s a blank notebook that I have full control over. It is, however, not for everyone. It takes time and dedication. But for me, it’s totally worth it.

P: What are a few of your favorite things in media right now?

A: I am currently obsessed with Brooklyn Nine-Nine. It has a wonderfully diverse cast and smart, quick-witted humor. The Hamilton soundtrack also has my devotion. My 13-year-old son and I belt out the tunes on the way to and from school.

P: What would the title of a reality show about your life be, and what would your Real Housewives-esque tagline be?

A: Amy: Vodka. Bacon. Naps. #SheDrankSheAteSheNapped

Amy’s podcast, Smart Wrestling Fan, drops their free weekly review show each and every Thursday. You can also listen to their takes on movies, every single New Japan event, BoJack Horseman from episode 1, and more by contributing to their Patreon (it’s worth it). On top of all that, you can find Amy on Twitter.

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