We took some time to chat with the amazing Milo Harper about everything from when to make the first move to what’s wrong in the journalism and LGBT communities. It was a great time doing the interview, so make sure to read it before heading over to Twitter (@MiloHarperXXX) to find him everywhere else on the internet.

Milo in a scene for 8teenBoy

What are your current jams?

I love 80s music and Lana Del Rey. I love horror movies shows such as Preacher, American Horror Story, Scream.

You said you like to watch Scream the TV show. Are you a fan of the Wes Craven originals?

Honestly, I just endured the TV show because I love the OG movies, I love a lot of what Wes Craven has done

As a horror fan, in general, do you like how Scream tells you the rules, follows them and mocks them all at the same time?

Yeah, I really loved how it mocked the other movies but still had seriousness. I also love murder mysteries so guessing who did it is so much fun.

What is your favorite 80s jam?

You said you were into journalism. What do you think about the state of journalism today?

I’m disappointed in it, seems like there is a bunch of nonsense and articles that have no real importance. Dumbing people down and selling out. The good thing is that with the internet now no one can really be silenced so some good, useful stuff does get out.

Do you think because you’re out there as an adult star that your opinion is diminished by some of the bigots out there? Or do you think it actually gives you a platform you wouldn’t have otherwise?

Hah, people love to judge and think I’m dumb because I’m in porn. I feel like Jenny in Scream 4 when the killer says she’s all blonde and tits when she’s actually pretty smart in reality. People think I shouldn’t give my opinion because of that but that’s fine, those people don’t have to listen. My platform gives me many other people who will

What pisses you off?

People who try to tell me what to do. A big motivator for getting into this industry was that I am much more in charge of my time and I am my own boss. I couldn’t stand when I had to work normal 9-5 jobs. Report this message sent from Milo Delete this message sent from Milo

Milo @ the beach

What was your last “normal” job?

I worked at a movie theatre and got free tickets.  It was my dream job growing up but my boss drove me insane

We are supposedly all about love and tolerance but people tear each other down and throw threats and glorify depression and negative things.

What do you think is the biggest issue facing the LGBT community right now?

How the LGBT community treats each other. We are supposedly all about love and tolerance but people tear each other down and throw threats and glorify depression and negative things. We should be nicer to one another
I’m a Libra so fighting and stuff really irks me lol I want fairness  not sure if being born in that month actually has an effect but I feel like it@does Report this message sent from Milo Delete this message sent from Milo

So instead I’ll ask if being a part of the industry has changed your perception of porn? Is it still in your tool belt for jacking off or not?

Professional porn never really was, I find homemade much more intimate and real because it is. I think that’s why I really enjoy camming.

Who are a few of your favorite cammers?

I love @Hattrickz91, he’s actually one of the first cammers I started watching and he’s the main reason why I started. I also really like @LiamCyberXXX, I’ve been keeping up with him for almost a year now.

What is one thing you wish people knew about you that they wouldn’t expect?

I guess that outside of filming, I’m the least sexual person and I’m very shy, can’t remember the last time I hooked up or been with a guy in my personal life. I ”.like hanging out and playing with dogs. Haha

Devil horns….

What is the most romantic thing you’ve ever experienced?

When I was dealing with my parents finding out about me doing porn, my boyfriend at the time took me to the beach to talk and slept with me. It meant a lot because he worked a lot and I didn’t get to see him much.

How do you go about initiating sex? Is there a specific time you recall?

I usually always wait for the other guy to make the first move, and sometimes it can take hours and when it finally happens I wish we had just done it sooner haha! I think that the “top” or dominant guy should initiate, but that’s just my opinion because I’m more submissive.

Have you ever hooked up with a straight guy?

Many times with “straight guys”. They’re the funniest. They make funny faces like they shouldn’t be doing it but they love it. The only downside is that they do not know how to work it when topping, they think they can just stick it in and go crazy but it takes time and patience to open up for them, they don’t get that.

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