Just some guys bro-ing out out at Boar’s Head’s bro-lympics.

The answer to that question is “an open mic night at Boar’s Head Lounge.” Specifically, one that begins at 11PM. So, if you’re into that kind of a shit-show, be sure to check that one out. You can call them at 706-369-3040 to… reserve… a spot?

If you’ve never experienced the fresh hell that is 400 clueless freshmen girls searching for their lost roommates at Boar’s Head, you definitely shouldn’t miss this. Also be on the lookout for: the couples making out on/near the pool tables, the handful of fearful gay guys hanging out in the corner, a few scattered souls drinking PBR, and so much Miller Light.

Image credits: largepete007 on Flickr.

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