On Sunday, April 7th, 2018, WrestleMania XXXIV (34) begins a bit staggered, depending on what you want to see. Here are the start times:

When does the main WrestleMania show start?

7pm EDT, 4pm PDT
The show begins at a special start time thst is an hour earlier than normal. The main events of the night will happen here.

When does the WrestleMania pre-show start?

5pm EDT, 2pm PDT
The pre-show on The Network will begin at 5. There will be a few matches, but the bigger of the matches will happem in the secomd hour that is simulcast on the Network and USA.

When does the main WrestleMania pre-show start on USA?

6pm EDT, 3pm PDT
The hour of pre-show that also airs on USA will have more action than the panel-filled first hour. Thst said, the Network is the way to go for the whole day. You won’t have to fumble with swotching inputs and all thsy.

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