If you have been watching the latest series of Taskmaster—Series 10 of which premiered earlier this year after it moved from Dave to Channel 4—you might be asking yourself, “Who is this 28 year old Mawaan Rizwan and where did he come from?”

If you’re not asking this question, that’s probably because most of the traffic for this site is from America.

To all of you, I ask two things of you. First, check out the first 9 series of Taskmaster that are available on their YouTube Channel. Then, look a little hard on the web (possibly also on YouTube… but, shhhhhhh) and check out the latest series of the smash British hit that had a disappointing run on the CW over this pandemic-ridden summer.

But, back to Mawaan. Where did he come from well, let’s take it back to the beginning to find out the answer to that question.

Rizwan was born in Lahore, Pakistan; his mother, Shahnaz, was one of nine siblings and had starred in a number of black and white Pakistani films when he was a child. His mother wanted a better life for Mawaan and his sister and so they emigrated to London in 1994 when he was two. At the age of eight, Rizwan and his family were threatened with deportation, but after legal-battles and protests for the family’s immigration rights, they were granted indefinite leave to remain.

But, the question wasn’t actually posed in a racist way like it, kind of, reads, what we’re really after is where did this great comedian come from? The answer is answered like it is for many millennial comedy greats: he got his start on YouTube.


Rizwan began his career at 16 making YouTube videos that saw him gain notice, which resulted in him gaining roles on various television and streaming programming. In 2013 he began starring in the BAFTA award-nominated series DNN: Definitely Not Newsround, a spoof news comedy series for children. He followed this up in 2015 by starring in the Disney XD UK series Mega Awesome Super Hacks alongside Oli White and Jimmy Hill.

Rizwan’s career in stand-up comedy began in 2010 when he performed his first gig at a basement venue in Leicester Square and has gone on to perform at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, with his 2018 and 2019 performances gaining positive reviews from critics.

April 2019 also saw Rizwan release his first two singles – “I’ve Got a New Walk” and “Mango” – with a third single, “Never Been Skiing”, released in September.


How Gay is Pakistan? Starring Mawaan Rizwan

Rizwan is gay, having come out to his traditional Muslim parents at the age of 24. In 2014, he appeared alongside his mother, Shahnaz, in a YouTube video which resulted in his mother gaining the attention of Bollywood and eventually landing a role in the Indian television series Yeh Hai Mohabbatein (This Is Love).

In 2015, Rizwan traveled to Pakistan, his country of birth, to film the documentary How Gay Is Pakistan? which explores the issues faced by other LGBTQ Muslims living under Islamic law that deems homosexuality illegal.

Diving deep into sex and sexuality has been a consistent part of Rizwan’s career. He even co-wrote the second episode of the second series of Netflix’s Sex Education.

It’s the one where Adam gets kicked out of the military academy after he walks in on the two guys just going to town on each other having a furious mutual hand-job session in the dormitory bunk beds.

Photo by Rebecca Need-Menear


Brace for the incoming bad news. It does appear at the time of this writing that he is not on the market any longer. I know, it’s hard to take, but we can at least be happy for him, right…?

Anyway, we don’t know too much about his significant other. Like a lot of celebrities, he likes to keep a part of himself private and that’s probably good for his mental well-being—through it’s markedly less good for gossip-thirsty readers like yourself.

His relationship does make the cut for his stand-up sets, however. Or, as he refers to it in this bit from his set on the BBC’s Live at the Apollo, his “negotiationship.”

He’s one of those half-open-books comedians that will talk about a relationship in general, but no names and no pictures (that we know of) on his very active social accounts.


Mawaan Rizwan, Tumblr

Are there explicit nudes of him out there somewhere? Probably. He’s gay and of a certain age, so I’m sure someone has some. But, I’m guessing you aren’t here for vague speculation. So, I’ll cut to the chase: Yes, there are a couple of nudes of him out there.

He posted on his Tumblr about seven years ago that he participated in one of those nude bike rides. These are events that are widely photographed, but it wan’t surprising at all that a few pictures surfaced from the event of him in all his glory.

Although they are not explicit since he’s just nude and not engaging in any sexual acts in anyway what-so-ever, we can’t embed them because we would love to keep Google Ads on this page….

But, I’m sure you could find them if you looked.

There’s a whole separate discussion we could have about the over-sexualization of the penis, but that’s for a different post, you know?

I will say, that he seems pretty OK with them being out there. As he should be.

And, while it’s definitely less full-on, Rizwan doesn’t shy away from nudity either on stage or in publicity stills. Here’s a lovely selection of the sexy Rizwan doing his thing.


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