I’m sure everyone has read by now about the thirteen year old who looks like he’s eight who allegedly impregnated a fifteen year old alien.

Scary looking as the pictures of the three of them are, it was initially hard to see what the big deal was here when I remember having heard stories of fifth graders having kids and not making the news.

But it’s gotten so much better.

According to  the News Of The World, it has been uncovered that  “Ms. Steadman was sleeping with as many as eight teenage boys around the time the baby was conceived on the Old Town estate in Eastbourne, Sussex.” A family friend has also revealed that Alfie “was a victim of a scam devised by his girlfriend’s mother to cash in on publicity surrounding the young parents” (it’s true, though; the story is much more fun story this way, if only for the pictures). Since then, two more boys have claimed to have fathered the infant, all under the legal age of consent. They, unlike the famous Alfie who thankfully has agreed to a paternity test, actually look as though they might have actually hit puberty and been physically able to bare seed. For pictures of the other boys and some choice memes*, keep reading below the break.

Potential Father #1                    Potential Father #2

Clearly those two will make fine parents.

*swear I do NOT visit 4chan

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